One hallmark of any effective organization is the ability to create a profile with a defining edge which reflects its corporate identity and clearly distinguishes the company from business rivals.

The benefits of this strategy include higher yields for investors and enhanced workforce commitment.

A key feature of all the market's high-performers is a robust decision-making process where reasoned, purposeful decisions are promptly determined, communicated with clarity, and effectively implemented.

Where a company is seeking to improve an existing decision-making framework, the optimum first step is to analyze current practice to identify those decisions, small or large, which have the greatest overall impact on performance.

This frequently entails not only structure-oriented features such as planning, policy and management strategies, but also people-oriented features such as organizational climate and behavior.

Ultimately, the aim is to establish a streamlined, replicable decision-making process, which is super-fit for purpose and contributes to the task of achieving corporate objectives.