The structuring of our management is organized around clusters establish prerequisites Designing customer conquest and of industry and functional expertise.

We chose a silo organization to ensure that each consultant has extensive expertise regarding his or her scope of action.

In addition, CS-STRATEGIES is committed to making a highly qualified team available to its customers.

Our management:

First name: Imane Position: Chief Executive Officer
Languages: English, Arabic, French

Imane has a deep expertise in marketing and customer strategy (marketing strategy, marketing policy, competitive differentiation, customer experience, brand strategy), business strategy (multi-channel, web strategy, channel optimization) and in organization and transformation. Imane draws from a very international expertise, which includes Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

First name: Claudia Position: Chief Financial Officer
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

After holding various financial positions at major corporations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Claudia joined CS-STRATEGIES to develop its "corporate finance consultancy" practice, as well as management consulting for industrial groups and services. Claudia has led many portfolio management strategy, full market potential, and company organization and procurement missions.

First name: Joe Position: Chief Operating Officer
Languages: English

With six years of consulting experience, Joe acts as the head of operations at CS-STRATEGIES. Joe has also led several SI strategy missions: organizational missions, SI implementation in an urban context, SI blueprint direction, audit and overhaul processes, productivity improvement, outsourcing, and SI migration. He also has extensive expertise in the field of industrial finance, as well as the fields of transportation, logistics, and large-scale retail.

First name: Samuel Position: Chief Strategy Officer
Languages: English

Samuel has experience in transformation projects, which he acquired at Accenture and at CS-STRATEGIES. He piloted projects on organizational redesign, improved operational performance, and the integration of information systems, especially for banks, insurance and social protection companies, property management companies and integrated real estate operators.

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