CS-STRATEGIES is an innovative management consulting firm driven by a strong network culture.

Our company has an extensive network of influence.

For each project, our CS-STRATEGIES teams immerse themselves in the strategic and operational environment of the customer.

The objective is to achieve a full understanding of the company's challenges.

Our consulting teams combine the capacity for detailed analysis, rigorous performance requirements, creativity and independent judgment.

They work closely with our customers' teams.

Our management consulting firm takes into account all internal and external business issues: State of the art business standards; cyclical developments and competitive challenges of the sector; compliance with standards of sustainable development; evolution of information technology.

Our company identifies opportunities with high added value for our customers, helping them with their major challenges: CS-STRATEGIES possesses a strong digital expertise, enabling us to advise our customers with their multi-channel organization.

We offer innovative solutions built on rigorous analyses that lead to optimized value chains. We help our customer partners communicate their value proposition.

We listen to our customers, and strive to add our recommendations to their ROI optimization strategies.

Our method: Analyzing existing assets to establish prerequisites; Designing customer conquest and retention strategies; Deploying campaigns on relevant online and offline relationship channels, whether existing or to be created; Supporting our customers in their communication campaigns and the development of their influence; Installing a profitable and sustainable relationship between our customers and CS-STRATEGIES; Establishing a privileged partner relationship with our customers to establish a strong connection with their target; Accelerating business growth and performance.